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Feeling Super!

May 31, 2013

TGIF! Or at least that’s how it is here at our house. This weekend is The Husband’s weekend off, and also the very first time we have spent one of his off weekends at home. In preparation for the family weekend, I got to work on a really nifty project that he and the girls will enjoy in their together time, Superhero Capes!

The Bug is always pretending that she is either Super Girl or Spidergirl when she and her daddy play together outside, so I figured that a cape and mask set would be the perfect surprise. Best part?? The cape is reversible!! So Bug can be whichever superhero anytime, anywhere 🙂

To create these, I followed a great pattern I purchased on Etsy from Fuddie Duddies. You can find her shop here.

She loves to help!

I followed the first steps to cut out the cape fabric, pressed each cutout, and then moved on to the appliquĂ©. It was my first time doing appliquĂ© AND using WonderUnder, but after much trial and error, I finally got it right. (Also, I’m currently Googling ways to get WonderUnder gunk off my iron!!)

Both sides cut out and ready to go!

WonderUnderCut an appropriate sized piece of WonderUnder.

FusingIron applique to webbing using a hot, dry iron.

IMG_3844Trim off excess backing.

Centered Backing should easily peel off. Center on cape, six inches from bottom.

Iron onto cape piece, using scrap fabric to cover applique.

And voila! Two sides to The Bug’s reversible cape. On Monday I’ll finish up with the sewing steps, finishing, and (my favorite!!) the masks!!!


Have a great weekend everyone!

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  1. May 31, 2013 2:19 pm

    I can’t like this without making an account, and I’m too lazy to figure that out right now!

    Those are awesome. For most moms, a bedsheet would be enough. Mama Callie don’t mess around! Do you do custom orders? Matching rat/owner TUMOR FORCE capes?

    Don’t you LOVE those cutting mats? Do you use a rotary cutter? I worship my rotary cutter.

    Getting that gunk off of your iron – maybe a magic eraser? Or just..heat it back up and iron on an old rag until it comes off?

    What are you guys usually doing on his weekends off that prevents you from being home? If you break his legs, he can never leave. ._.

    • westtexaswoman permalink*
      May 31, 2013 2:36 pm

      Custom orders, esp. for my best friend and her tumor stricken rat??? Yes! Maybe someone will read this and decide they need a custome cape for themselves and/or their kiddos, two or four legged!! Lol

      And I absolutely adore my rotary cutter! But I have to watch Matt because he also likes to use it to cut fringe for chaps, the big sneak!

      And on the iron, heating it up and then cleaning it with a wet rag worked ok, but find get the thickest stuff off. I hadn’t thought of a magic eraser though!! I’ll let you know if it works, hopefully it does.

      Every weekend he is off, we either go back to OK to visit or to my mom and dad’s for rodeos for the kids. I’m so glad to finally have a weekend at home!

      And break his legs?? I’ve got something better…control of thebank accounts! Bwahahahahah (that was an evil laugh, just in case you weren’t sure! :D)


  1. The cape, the mask, and the happiest little girl here in the sticks! | WestTexasWoman

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