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April 28, 2010

Hi everyone!

It’s Wednesday. And I. Am. Glad.

It’s already been one of those weeks. It seems like I can’t quite get anything right this week. It all started last weekend and it seems to have rolled over. Blech. -_-

Anyway, got some news to report that should have been reported on Monday.

The Bug is now officially 8 months old!!!!!

Is anyone but me having a hard time believing it? My little girl is growing up so fast!

She now has a full repretoire of tricks up her sleeve as well: waving, clapping, standing up, crawling forward…it’s just too cool! As my dearest mom-in-law would say, The Bug is just the one! 🙂

Anyway, she also (not so officially) weighs a whole whopping 17 lbs! (I weighed myself then MIL handed The Bug to me….probably not super accurate, but it works! haha)

Also, I weighed myself yesterday morning and I have officially lost:

15 pounds!!!

Whoo hoo!! 🙂 I now weigh 179 lbs. Good stuff. It’s nice to see that all my hard work (not excercise, but keeping myself from becoming a hog…) has paid off.

Anyway, I’m going to get back to Wednesday now. Hope your’s is going better than mine! haha

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