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A New Adventure!

March 23, 2010

Hi Everyone!

Today I decided that I am going to share some fun stuff with you. 🙂

Yesterday I started Weight Watchers, and discovered this: It is VERY difficult to find points values on a lot of things. So, I decided it would be easier to calculate them myself.

That’s easy enough; I’ll share the formula with you too (I’ll can share the formula for calculating how many points you should have a day if any one wants it). But I also thought that I’d like to share the points values that I calculate for things with all of you. I’ll also update the list and giving you an account of the new things I find to eat on a regular basis so you can see if you’d like to try them yourself.

And the best part (for me! haha) is that I’m going to be keeping (at least) a weekly record of my weight loss (which hopefully will happen! haha). This is really for my benefit, because it will make me feel like I have someone to be accountable to.

So, without further ado, I want to tell you about what I had for lunch today!! (this made me laugh because I’m sure A LOT of people navigated away from here after that!)

Today I ate somewhere that I never go: Taco Bell. I’ve never really cared for Taco Bell since where I came from offered such wonderful alternatives in Mexican food. However, I was intrigued by what they have dubbed the “Fresco Menu” or the “Drive-Thru Diet.”

I went online to investigate the Fresco menu for myself, because we all know that these things are often advertised to be healthier, but are actually worse than what they offered in the first place!

So, I looked at the nutrition facts, and they were still fast food-ish, but when I calculated the points for them, the items didn’t look so bad. Here’s the breakdown:

Fresco Supreme Steak Burrito 330 Calories 8g Fat 6 points

Fresco Supreme Chicken Burrito 340 Calories 8g Fat 6 points

Fresco Bean Burrito 340 Calories 8g Fat 5 points

Fresco Grilled Steak Soft Taco 160 Calories 4.5g Fat 3 points

Fresco Chicken Soft Taco 170 Calories 4g Fat 3 points

Fresco Soft Taco 180 Calories 7g Fat 4 points

Fresco Crunchy Taco 150 Calories 7g Fat 3 points

So not bad really. I ended up having the Fresco Supreme Steak Burrito, which was actually pretty good. It was pretty big, included beans, and was filling, so I was very pleased with that. It did have red sauce on it, which I could have done with out (if I go back, I will), since there was pico de gallo with lots of tomatoes on the burrito. I love tomatoes and pico de gallo on a burrito. 🙂 Overall I was pleasantly surprised.

This made me feel a little better, knowing that if I forgot my lunch again I could just run over to Taco Bell and grab a good lunch without worrying about wasting too many of my points for the day and end up starving by 5:00 anyway.

The formula used to calculate points is this:

(Calories/50)+(Total Fat/12)=x

(Dietary fiber/5)=y


if the number is <.5 round down            if the number is >.5 round up

Tomorrow I’ll share some snack foods that are very low in calories and points, and might just be delicious too! Hope this is helpful to someone else, and for the rest of you I will continue to post pictures and stuff too 🙂

In fact, this week I’ll post pictures of the birthday cake that I made for our cousin Erica! It turned out really well and was nice to have before the diet officially started! haha

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