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“Everyone Needs a Bronzed Squidward.”

February 12, 2010

This, my friends, is what my dear, and very much loved, dad said to me this moring after he saw pictures of the cake I made for The Bug’s daycare teacher’s son’s birthday (are you confused yet?? haha).

I had the honor of making Geresten’s 11th birthday cake. It was a Spongebob Squarepants theme. I included Spongebob (of course), Patrick, and Squidward, all modeled by had out of fondant, Spongebob’s pineapple, a jellyfish, and a giant clam on the cake. I think it turned out rather well.

The cake was made of 2 12-inch round vanilla cakes, filled with raspberry filling, iced with vanilla buttercream and covered in sea-blue fondant. The bottom edge was surrounded by brown sugar on the cake board to cover up my fondant mistakes! haha I’m still learning, but my try this time was better than my last. I expect that with each new cake I create, the better I will become. In order to improve, I’ve made a list of things that I want to work on:

1. Improve my detail work on all fondant models. The major details are ok, but when it comes to small details I still need some work in order to improve the overall quality of the whole thing.

2. Continue to improve my icing skills. I may sound stupid, but icing the cake definitely seems to be the most trouble I have throughout the whole creation process. I’ve never really learned how to ice a cake smoothly and without crumbs. My cake last night was my best effort so far, completly crumb free, and I wish to improve on that.

3. Cover a large cake with fondant without tearing the fondant in any way. Covering the cake? No problem. I’ve got that department covered. However, since my cakes were so large and I had to roll out so much fondant, it tore before I could get it onto the cake. The tear started out as just a small hole, which quickly became a large tear before I could do anything about it.

4. Make the fondant on the bottom edges of the cake smoother. Probably the hardest part of the whole process next to icing the cake for me. Everything else will be smooth, then once I cut the edges of the fondant away, I have a terrible time smoothing out the bottom edge. This step will take a lot more research before I’ve got it figured out.

So, there’s my list. When I delivered the cake to Ms. Sherry today, I had other teachers checking on my prices. I was very excited, of course, but also nervous. It took a large amount of effort to complete this cake because of the detail that went into it. In order to repeat such a feat I’ll need at least a week in advance to prepare cakes, and I’ll have to charge around the $50 mark. I hate to ask so much, but the cake I created was truly unique.

Does this sound like a reasonable price? Let me know because I don’t want to overcharge anyone! 🙂

Anyway, until Tuesday, enjoy the pictures I have of Spongebob and Patrick. By then I’ll have the pictures of the cake ready to put up too.

Have a wonderful weekend and a great President’s day!!

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