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Our Wonderful Weekend with Nanners in the Winter Wonderland!

February 8, 2010

This weekend, The Bug’s super fantastic Nana was here to visit! It was still icy and snowy some, but we still managed to have a wonderful time! We love Nana!!!

On Friday night the Husband and I went to my friend Kelly’s boyfriends surprise party that I’ve been helping her plan! It was so much fun. I made the cakes and the little fondant guys that go on top. Everyone loved the little figure and knew who it was supposed to be right away! It was so nice to have some time alone with the Husband sans Bug, and that we knew Nana was having a blast with her! I’ve posted some of the pics below.

On Saturday we took Nana to eat Japanese food at Kabuki in Amarillo. She tried two different kinds of sushi for the first time and she liked them! 🙂 She also bought me a very nice sweater and a very nice shirt for my birthday, both of which I’m wearing today! Thank you so much!! I also dragged Nana, Bug and the Husband to Michael’s to buy some cake decorating things. I wanted to try to make my first fondant covered cake and try my hand at making buttercream roses. The buttercream roses will need quite a bit of work, but the cake turned out pretty good for my first try. I tried creating inlays, and they look ok, but I probably won’t be doing them again. I found them to be a little messy because of the butter cream. Next time I’ll add the spots on top of the laid fondant or roll the spots into the main color.

I’ve also included some pictures of The Bug I took this weekend. They were actually after Nana left on Sunday; we took them during the super bowl. She had a good time and so did we!

It’s snowing here AGAIN today. I hope everyone is having a wonderful snow free day, but if not stay safe in the bad weather!

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