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A Wonderful Weekend!

October 26, 2009

This weekend was one of the best that the Husband and I have had in a long time! The Husband had Friday, Saturday and Sunday off this week and he didn’t go to work once so we had the whole weekend to spend as a family!

On Friday night we read to The Bug while we all laid on the bed. We read our Baby Einstein Mirror Me! book. It was the first time that she actually paid attention to the book. When she first saw her face in the mirror on the first page she, the biggest toothless grin spread across her face and then she did something I love even more, she laughed! She stared at her reflection for at least 10 minutes and then she started looking at the pictures in the book. We read all of the pages while she stared at the pictures and smiled! It was so much fun.

On Saturday morning, I woke up to a delicious breakfast of biscuits and bacon that the Husband had made for me. I had gotten up to feed Bug and had fallen asleep in the armchair in the living room. When he got up and saw us in the chair he told me, “I’m going to make you some breakfast, don’t get up.” It was so sweet of him 🙂

After our breakfast we went for a drive in the country so that The Bug could sleep. She had been a little cranky that morning and putting her in the car is the best way for her to get some rest! We got to see several herds of antelope on our drive and I did take some pictures of them, but since they were so far away the quality was really poor. However, I included one of them anyway just for fun.

We spent the rest of Saturday watching football, which is Bug’s very favorite thing to do!

On Sunday morning, we got up and went to church (I’ve posted the pictures on the post below). It was our first time to leave The Bug in the nursery, but the ladies in the nursery were very sweet and took wonderful care of her. It was nice to get to go to church as a family, because before I was going alone. Going alone isn’t terrible, but when I started going I was very pregnant and I think everyone was starting to think that I was making my husband up! haha It was a nice chance to get to do something special as a family too.

After church I worked on The Bug’s Halloween costume. It’s almost finished and I think it’s going to look good. I’ll have pictures of it up once it’s done. Then we decided to make onion soup. While I was working on the onion soup, Bug discovered that she can grab her toys on the playbar of her bouncer chair. It was so cute! She was laughing and talking to the animals and trying to grab the parrot with her right hand. The Husband took care of her while I was cooking and doing laundry, ect. and had so much fun.

However, while he was changing her diaper, he made the mistake of not putting another one on her immediately because he was watching a play of the football game on TV. Of course, while he was turned around, Bug peed everywhere and was covered. (We sound pretty pathetic about keeping the baby clean, don’t we?? I swear that this stuff doesn’t happen all the time!)

So we got to give The Bug another bathtub bath! She loves taking a bath and we loved giving it to her. After we got her out we got her dressed and read to her again. She still loves to look at her reflection and look at the pictures in the book. After dad finished reading to her, he put her in her bouncer chair again. The pictures I’m posting are the pictures of her while she was asleep. Don’t you just love the way she folds her hands? She is so funny sometimes!

Anyway, that was a completely overkill play by play of our weekend. How was yours?

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