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The Great 5 a.m. Diaper Disaster

October 23, 2009

The title pretty much explains it all. This week has been a very poor week for mom changing The Bug’s diapers and making them leak free. All I can say is: Two mornings in a row. Ick.

Yesterday morning was going good. I got up extra early so that I could have Katie dropped off at school with Ms. Sherri by 7:30 and make it to the office by 7:45 to open the doors for the Texas Department of Criminal Justice recruiter. I had The Bug fed before 7, had her bottles washed and dried by 7:10, had her dressed by 7:15 and was in the process of getting myself ready by 7:20. The morning was going great!

The best diapers ever...with the wonderful "wet" indicator stripe!! Only I could make them so leaky.

The best diapers ever...with the wonderful "wet" indicator stripe!! Only I could make them so leaky.

When I was finally dressed and ready (the day care is literally one block away, so I was doing great on time by this point), I went to pick The Bug up and put her in her car seat. Upon putting my hand on her little tush I realized that her pants were a little wet and squishy and, worst of all, smelly! Oh no. I realized that my perfect, punctual morning was over…I was definitely going to be late now!

I put her up on the changing table and removed her cute little brown pants (thank you Nana!) and saw the damage. Poop everywhere. As with all such disasters, my mind was struggling to figure out where to start. Do I take soiled outfit off first or just unbutton it, clean her up and then remove it? Or just leave it on until she’s clean? What about her socks? Leave those on until I’m done so her feet don’t get covered or take them off and immediately chunk them in the wash?

Well, once I figured out my starting point (leave it all on and clean her up first) it only took a minute to get it all solved. Of course, you’ve got to remember the all important “Pull the outfit over her head carefully so we don’t have ick on our head” step. That one is always hardest to me. I threw the dirty clothes in the wash, left them to soak until lunch and then redressed Bug in her ADOREABLE purple track pants and matching zip-up jacket. So, all in all, not too bad other than I definitely didn’t make it to work by 7:45!

Well, this morning I woke up to feed Bug at 4:55 so that I could feed her again at 7:00. I was still half asleep as I sat with her in the rocking chair in the living room, vaguely aware that Fox News was talking to me about H1N1 vaccines and a global pandemic or something like that.

The Bug had a little bit of a stomach ache the night before, so it didn’t surprise me when she started grunting a little, trying to go to the bathroom. What always surprises me is that such a tiny person can make such huge explosions in their pants! haha

The worst diapers EVER. They don't need any help being leaky! :(

The worst diapers EVER. They don't need any help being leaky! 😦

As she was going, I remember thinking through my sleepy stupor, “Man, I hope that diaper doesn’t leak…” And I raised my hand up. I didn’t need my glasses to know that my hand was covered in poop, meaning that so were my clothes and probably Katie. I was right.

So, I went and woke up the Husband, even though it’s his day off (I felt bad since it was so early, but I was covered!), and asked him to run a bath in the bathtub for Bug. So I let her finish nursing on that side and carried her to the bathroom to clean her off. She really enjoyed the bath, after all, she felt much better now that her stomach wasn’t upset anymore! haha

When we pulled her out and the Husband got her dried off, Bug was so happy. She smiled and waved her chubby little fists and kicked her rolly little legs like she couldn’t imagine having a better morning in her whole two months. It made me smile to see her so happy. We all lay back down in bed together and caught about another hour of sleep. She slept so soundly!

The joys and wonders of being a mom never cease to amaze me…even when they involve lots and lots of poop!

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  1. Cara permalink
    October 23, 2009 8:25 pm

    I’d take those diapers BACK. Z-snap at them while you’re returning them. Maybe e-mail the manufacturer?

    Being a mom sounds like way too much work…if I ever feel like I need to be motherly I’ll just send Katie a present or something. Let you deal with the whole kids thing, lol..

  2. Kendra permalink
    October 25, 2009 5:40 pm

    Okay, this cracked me up! Unfortunately at your expense πŸ™‚
    BTW, thanks for the Pampers vs. Huggies info, I’m pretty sure that’s every mom’s (or mom-to-be’s) internal struggle! Luckily I’m stocked up on Pampers!

    • westtexaswoman permalink*
      October 26, 2009 1:24 pm

      Haha It’s no big deal. I feel like I’m getting you ready for the same experiences! lol And I’m glad to let you in on the Pampers vs. Huggies secret! No one told me and then after I complained about them some, my mom and sister-in-law were like, “Oh yeah, they’re terrible!” The Pampers are AWESOME! Luvs aren’t bad either πŸ™‚ Are you getting anxious? You’re getting so close!!!!

  3. Alex Meese permalink
    October 25, 2009 6:54 pm

    Oh gosh! I know what you mean about a tiny person making such huge explosions in their pants, ha ha. Connor has had a few blow-outs, too, but thankfully not to that extent *yet*. I’m sure I will get my turn, though.. It will probably be once I start working again and am in a hurry to get ready. πŸ˜‰ So did this happen with Huggies diapers or Pampers? I agree that Pampers are the best! I have not had any issues with them leaking with urine and the poo has only gotten out of the diaper through the top of the diaper. It happened twice when he was in a size 1 diaper (had a couple size 1 diapers mixed in with his size 2 diapers for some reason). Haven’t had problems with his size 2 ones yet!

    Always a new adventure as a parent huh? Gotta love it! πŸ™‚

    • westtexaswoman permalink*
      October 26, 2009 1:26 pm

      I love that someone else knows what I mean! haha She can make such big messes! And I was actually using Pampers when this happened, but it was definitely operator error; the Huggies were definitely not leaky by operator error. We had messes everytime we used them! I just wanted to put that the Pampers were terrible for everyone’s benefit! Silly, right? haha

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