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What a Weekend!

July 28, 2009

I forgot to give everyone an update on the wonderful weekend that the husband and I had with Nana and Uncle B. We got some more beautiful baby things for The Bug, including:

  • A finished cowgirl quilt from her Grammy Aunt; we are so proud of it!! Thank you so much Grammy Aunt!!
  • GA also sent some smaller blankets and some more burp cloths. I really almost hate to use the stuff she made because I know that Bug is just going to throw up on it and it is so nice! Our favorite was a lightweight blanket with all kinds of farm animals on it. It will be perfect for when it’s still hot. Thank you, thank you!
  • A super cool Pistol Pete mobile for the bassinett from Dixie and Justin White and Carrie Sexton. I had never seen one before; we were so excited about it! Thank you guys!!
  • Some really great goodies from Nana including things so that The Bug will be happy and safe in her car seat and stroller 🙂
  • More adoreable clothes and too many other things to list!

I plan on putting up pictures of all of these things tomorrow.

We spent our Saturday exploring the XIT Museum here in town, going to Amarillo and running around a Western store, making a trip to the Palo Duro Canyon, and finishing off by eating a really great steak dinner at the Big Texan in Amarillo.

We were so glad to have Nana and Uncle B as guests this weekend. We had so much fun with them and hope that they had a good time too. Now that we’ve had them visit, we’re ready and expecting everyone else to make a trip down too!! (Just kidding; we’re coming to OK before too long!)

I also forgot to mention that we got to see my parents for a few hours on Sunday afternoon. They were driving back from the High School Finals. We went and had a nice dinner with them, then went and looked at some horse trailers with them.

They weren’t sure about the ones they looked at, but since Aunt H’s horse fell down in the trailer after they left Amarillo and knocked out most of the back wall, they’re going to have to find something! (Don’t worry, Tiny’s just fine. Just a little skinned up!)

All in all it was a perfect weekend, besides some swollen feet. How was your weekend?

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