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(Mis)Adventures in Dalhart

July 23, 2009

Courtesy of the Dalhart Chamber of Commerce

Wow, the Boone Pickens post is really angry! Sorry about that everyone. It didn’t seem too terribly venomous until I reread it. Can you tell that he might just annoy me…a little? haha

Anyway, I was so wrapped up in my Boone hating mania that I completely neglected to go through some of the stuff happening since yesterday. Nana (my beautiful mother-in-law) and the husband’s Uncle B will be coming to visit us in Dalhart tomorrow! We are very excited that they are coming, but have no idea what we’re all going to do once they get here! haha

Last night was a little eventful, we finally went and got our pre-registration done at the local hospital so that we don’t have to fill in paperwork for 45 minutes while I’m in labor. I’m sure that filling out paperwork might actually be a nice distraction from the pains though; trading one pain for another! You know what they say, if you hurt somewhere, stub your toe to take your mind off it! haha

We also got to take a quick look in the nursery and the birthing rooms. It’s all very nice. The local hospital is actually very modern and very comfortable. The birthing rooms have nice wooden cabinets and wooden floors. The wall color leaves a little to be desired though, it’s a strange salmon-y pinkish color. Normally I like that color, but the room just doesn’t love it! haha (Of course, I know I really shouldn’t care about the wall color, but it just seemed to strike me as strange.)

We also came home from the hospital to a terrible fact…our house smells terrible. For the past day or two, we’ve noticed a very unpleasant smell, but for some reason (we don’t always put our heads together and think! haha), we just thought it would go away. But last night we had to reach the, very unpleasant, and unavoidable fact that we’d have to call our landlord.

Those of you who have read this blog before will probably be familiar with my landlord who is of questionable character, those of you who haven’t will probably be fully introduced to him in my rant tomorrow after he visits the house this afternoon. I can’t wait to see how he tries to blame us for our pipes not draining properly.

Anyway, back to the exciting family visit we’re looking forward to. For sure on Saturday we’re planning on going to visit the XIT Museum here in town. After that, we’re kind of undecided. I think however, that the husband would like for all of us to go to Amarillo. I have no idea what we’ll do when we’re there, but the good news is there are a lot more things to do there!

I know that he’ll definitely want to take his uncle out to see where he works. We might even drive around like when my mom and sister were here. That was the first time I’d really seen a lot of the stuff at the feedlot. It really puts into perspective that he actually checks on about 10,000 steers on a normal day and if he has to ride both sides (if his partner is gone) he checks 20,000!

Anyway, all in all it’s going to be a really great weekend!

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