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Another Reason to Love Big T-Boone

July 23, 2009

Photo by Bob Melton


I wish that I was rich enough that I could take what I wanted, no matter how trivial, and get away with saying, “If it really matters I’ll come back by and rewrite it” or “I’ll give you a new one.”

This is exactly what Boone Pickens did this week. I have no reason to hide my distaste for him; I think he’s a pretty sorry excuse for a person and being rich just gives him an excuse to show everyone how sorry he really is (Anyone seen the way he tries to buy everyone’s water up? As a native Texan who grew up in an area where water is pretty scarce, I have). I’ve put in an article link about a recent incident in Holdenville, OK involving Boone.

Is this making a mountain of a mole hill? Probably. However, I don’t think it’s fair that just because he wanted something or wasn’t happy he decided he would do something illegal (like I said, a minor thing, nothing major) just because he could afford to. I would like to see him be punished or have to give the concrete back.

Normal individuals (by normal I mean not rich) would have been arrested. End of story. (By the way, who can just afford to rent out a concrete crew on a whim?? haha)

It wasn’t his. He had no right whatsoever to take it. Period.

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