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July 7, 2009

Good Tuesday everyone!

I didn’t really have anything planned to post today, but since I haven’t written anything yet, I thought I would go ahead and try.

Friday the baby swing came in. It’s nice, though as the husband yelled multiple times, “This baby crap is NOT made to put be together easily or stay together!!! ARGHHH!” (I added the argh for extra emphasis. He was not impressed.) I’m excited to get to use it when Katie comes; it look like it will be good…as long as she doesn’t get motion sick like I do. Let’s all keep our fingers crossed that she isn’t; we’ll be cleaning up enough spit up as it is! haha

This weekend was a good one. The husband and I actually went to the movies. That is something we never ever do. It was nice. We went to the earliest showing possible (11:40…who knew they showed movies that early??) and only paid $9.50 to get in. How’s that for a bargain? Why waste $20 dollars when you only have to pay $9.50?

Anyway, Trasformers 2 was good. It wasn’t quite a kid friendly movie, with some definitely questionable material, but for an older audience it was great. Lots of explosions, which I’m always a fan of; and an ok story line.

We ate at Lin’s China Buffet, which was surprisingly pretty good. It was possibly the biggest chinese food place I’d ever seen, and did get some nice dumplings and a beef eggroll which was a new experience. (That was the first time I’d seen beef eggrolls, they’re normally pork or chicken. They were good ^_^ )

And then we ran around a little more, finally ending up at Babies R Us to pick up the crib for the baby. It came in the BIGGEST box I have EVER seen. We still haven’t gotten it out to look at it yet, but will soon.

Then Sunday we made a trip to Wal Mart, also something we never do. Bought some pregnancy friendly groceries (Lean. Cuisine. Every. Day. Can you say, ready for some fried potatoes?? I sure can) and a card table so that we can actually play cards on an elevated surface and not from empty baby-stuff boxes off the floor!

We spent the rest of Sunday cleaning house. I’ve got the brightest, whitest, shiniest toilet in the great city of Dalhart and the baby’s room is almost ready for a baby to be put in it! haha We also played some cards where, as usual, the husband kicked my butt with style. I’m really competitive, so it’s hard to take that whoopin’ like a man, but I sure try. He’s just too good.

I plan on putting up some photos of the new baby stuff tomorrow. So stay tuned!

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