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23 and Pregnant

June 29, 2009

Good Morning Everyone!

Today is Monday, and it was very hard to get out of bed and get to work this morning. Poor husband had to get up and be at work at 2 a.m. today, so I know he didn’t want to get out of bed and he’ll be super tired when he gets off work around lunch time.

This weekend was very productive. I actually got my kitchen cleaned; and I mean very clean. Floors scrubbed, refrigerator cleaned, ect. I felt really good about it. There are just some days that it really makes my day to clean the house (unfortunately, those don’t happen as often and they should! haha)

Yesterday morning before I went to church I checked my blood pressure, and unfortunately it was pretty high. My Dr. has had me keeping an eye on it because it was high at my last visit with him. I was worried, so I called my brother, Gerrod, who is about to finish nursing school. He confirmed that it was pretty high, bordering on hypertension levels, and recommended that I check it again later in the day.

After a full day of cleaning and scrubbing our house, and just generally staying busy, I checked it again and it was at a normal level. I don’t know what causes it to be so high, because it was normal again this morning. I go back to see the Dr. tomorrow and we’ll see what he decides I need to do (he already cut me off of salt, so when you add that to being on the gestational diabetes diet, I’m not sure what food choices will be left to me! haha).

We watched one of the husband’s favorite new shows (actually, I think he likes to watch just about any show that has to do with childbirth because it freaks me out; he even watches them when I’m not home), 16 and Pregnant. It’s an MTV show that chronicles the pregnancies of 16-year-old unwed girls. Not my favorite topic, seeing as I’m not exactly in line with that kind of situation morally, and I hate the idea of my little sister watching stuff like that and thinking it’s ok.

Anyway, besides the ethical and moral issues I have with it, it is just like any old pregnancy show, including footage of the baby’s birth (that part always makes me want to cry; it’s so neat finally having someone be able to hold the child they’ve been carrying for 9 months). The only thing that bothered me was that her WHOLE family was there while she was giving birth, just standing around watching. I mean everyone: mom, dad, mom-in-law, dog, great aunt Susie; everyone! I’m not sure how I would feel about that; I guess that’s something I’ll have to think about.

After she was finally through, the nurse did tell the girl, “now you’ll probably feel really emotional for the next few weeks, crying at commercials and everything.” I looked at the husband, a little horrified and said, “I hope it doesn’t get much worse, I cry over commercials now! I mean, I watched The Secret of NIMH (a cartoon movie I bought for the baby to watch, my favorite as a kid) last night and cried like a baby!” haha

The good thing about all of this is we start child birth classes next week. It’s finally time to start making some of those big decisions (the husband brought some scary things up to me last night like, “epidural” and “labor” with the precursor of “What do you want to do about…”). I haven’t really given a lot of these things a ton of thought, though I thought I knew what I wanted. I’m not sure now; hopefully these classes will help me decide what I want to do!

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  1. June 29, 2009 10:22 pm

    I loved the Secret of NIMH too!!! 🙂

    • westtexaswoman permalink*
      July 1, 2009 2:28 pm

      Me and Matt watched it last night. Not as cool now that I’m a grown up, but still good! 🙂

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