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What A Monday!

June 22, 2009

Good Morning all!

Just thought I’d catch everyone up to what’s going on with H. She won 2nd place in the final round Saturday night with a 20.1. She was in first place until the last girl ran (she ran a 19.7). So that made her third place overall and won her a trip to nationals! The National High School Rodeo finals are in Farmington, NM and she has to be there July 17th (it’s another week long rodeo).

I finally got the nursery kind of started. It doesn’t look great, but at least everything is out of bags and boxes! I’ve only got a few sets of clothes left to finish too! I’ve included a couple of pictures, I think it looks pretty good, especially since we don’t exactly live in the Taj Mahal. If you notice some fringe dangling, that would be a bunch of the husband’s cowboy gear that isn’t getting any use right now. We’re going to move it all soon.

And finally, for the most interesting part of my weekend: At 2 am this morning I got up to run to the bathroom like I normally do at around that time. Of course we don’t have night lights or anything, so I walked back into our room, locked the door and grabbed my glass of water to take a quick drink; boy was that a mistake!

Upon tipping the glass up to my lips, some sort of creature with LOTS of legs attached itself to MY FACE! I totally lost it, dropped (kind flung, actually) the glass full of water onto the bed and my husband, screamed and tried frantically to get the icky critter off my face, imagining of course, that I had some kind of terrible water tarantula holding on for dear life, to my lips. I finally managed to make it let go.

My poor husband jumped up and grabbed me, not knowing what was going on and tried to get me to stop screaming. He pulled me up on to the bed and calmed me down. (Please remember that this all happened when I was mostly asleep at 2 am! haha) We turned on the light to see what had attacked me and it turned out to be, in Dalhart of all places, a june bug. Yes, that’s right, we live in the dry dry plains where I’ve never seen a june bug and somehow there was a june bug in my house, in my water glass, at 2 am.

Isn’t that the craziest thing? The husband kept asking me if I was ok and the only thing I can really remember saying is, “It was on my face…I couldn’t get it off! Did it bite me? I’m so sorry you’re wet.” That really made him laugh; apparently june bugs don’t bite and he wasn’t the least bit upset about me throwing a glass of water on him.

Since our bed was now soaked (and he was pretty wet too, requesting that next time I freak out, I “try to throw the water on the floor, ok?”) we took off the sheets, stuffed them in the dryer and watched tv for about 15 minutes until they were dry. I felt really bad because he had to be up at 4 this morning to go to work; however, he just thought the whole thing was hilarious, as he is apt to do!

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  1. June 23, 2009 10:24 pm

    OMG… I couldn’t even finish reading this post!!!! I HATE JUNE BUGS and all things with creepy-crawly legs!!!! But I was laughing out loud about most of it!! 🙂 Matt’s response was pretty funny!!

    P.S. I am in Chickasha with my mom this week… so if you post and I don’t respond very quickly (like I normally do) it’s because I don’t have immediate access to the Internet!!

    • westtexaswoman permalink*
      June 24, 2009 1:45 pm

      Lol it was awful! I hate them too; this one was extra tiny though, so I felt kind of bad! haha

      I hope you’re having a good time with your family; make sure and tell them all I said hello! Oh, and watch the blog b/c I get to go have a free 3-d/4-d ultrasound today! The hospital just got a machine and they called and asked if the tech could train on me! Isn’t that cool?

      I’ll try to give you a call later this week! Have a good time!

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