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The Wrestler….s

June 16, 2009

Good Morning! I thought I’d start off by letting everyone know the lawn is mowed, the weeds are gone, the honchos of Dalhart should be placated. The husband did a very nice job getting the lawn taken care of last night (I fell asleep on the couch watching wrestling, not something I normally do, and he let me rest; he is very sweet!)

Now about the wrestling…We went to dinner last night with a friend of the husband’s, Kyle, (a nice kid from Arizona) and then headed home so that we could tend to the lawn. When we got in the house we sat down to watch some TV while it cooled down so the husband could mow. He gave me the remote (always a bad idea) and I began flipping channels until I landed on WWE Monday Night RAW, one of the most popular wrestling programs on TV.

Now I know everyone will get a huge kick out of this, but I was a HUGE wrestling fan when I was in the seventh grade. I absolutely loved \”The Rock”, whom everyone now knows as Dwayne Johnson (you know, the guy from Get Smart, Gridiron Gang, the new Witch Mountain movie?). Well, I haven’t watched wrestling since then but for some reason we both decided we wanted to watch.

About a month ago, we rented the new Mickey Rourke movie, “The Wrestler.” (This sounds off topic, but it’ll all make sense soon) Now while this wasn’t either of our all time favorites (too many strippers involved, pretty depressing storyline), it was interesting to see the lengths to which wrestlers will go to put on a good show for their fans and have just a little more time in the spotlight.

Most people just assume that wrestling is completely planned out, and if you watch the movie you’ll see that it is to a certain extent (of course, these guys were ‘amateurs’ or maybe the ‘semi-pros’), but from hiding razor blades in their arm bands so that they can make themselves bleed on cue, to actually being attacked with a staple gun and having to have the staples pulled out later, you find out that a lot of those things that you see on TV actually happen; those guys really do physically injure themselves for entertainment.

I know this is a pretty long ramble about something that seems to silly, but watching “The Wrestler” gave me a whole new appreciation for what I was watching on TV last night. Even though wrestling is still what I like to call “a man’s soap opera”, it is fascinating to watch the men and women put themselves through the punishment that it takes to make themselves famous. They actually do get hit pretty hard with those folding chairs. And those ladders? They really fall off of them, no padding involved; those rings floors aren’t exactly a lazyboy.

Just a thought, I know, but if your interested you might rent the movie and then watch an evening of wrestling, especially if there will be barbed wire or plate glass windows involved.


Oh and here’s a link to Dwayne Johnson…he was just so cool back in the day!

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